Protection From Abuse

No one should be forced to be the victim of domestic violence or threats of domestic violence. Each and every individual has the right to be safe and free from violence and threats. The Law Office of Casey P. Mullen will assist you in exercising this right by helping you obtain a legally enforceable Protection From Abuse Order (PFA). Contact our office so we can assist you and your family.

Just as no one is forced to be the victim of domestic violence, no one is required to be the victim of false accusations that they have abused another. If you have been accused of abusing another in a Protection From Abuse proceeding or have been accused of violating an Protection From Abuse Order contact our office immediately. It is imperative that you take immediate action to protect yourself and your liberty. To represent yourself in a Protection From Abuse matter is unwise and not in your best interest. Courts take these matters very seriously and so should you. Allow our office to make certain that your rights are protected.