The Law Office of Casey P. Mullen, located in Pittsburgh, PA offers a variety of legal services that include family law matters, criminal matters, estate administration, civil litigation and personal injury.

Family Law

Domestic relation matters are often emotionally charged and taxing on all parties involved. It is imperative that one retains an empathic and competent attorney to protect their interest and assets. Our office represents clients in all areas of family law including, but not limited to:

Criminal Law

Nothing is more treasured and valued than one’s liberty. When one is charged with a criminal offense his or her liberty is most often placed in jeopardy. Our office diligently represents clients in all stages of the criminal judicial process to ensure that each and every right, afforded the client under the law, is protected and preserved. If you have been charged with a criminal offense do not discuss the matter with anyone and contact our office immediately to schedule a free consultation. The Law Office of Casey P. Mullen represents clients charged with, but not limited to, the below listed offenses:

Estate Administration

You still haven't taken the necessary steps to address your estate planning? Remember, we don't prepare our wills and plan our estates to make our lives easier, we do these things to make the lives of our loved ones easier during a difficult time. The Law Office of Casey P. Mullen can assist you and your loved ones in the preparation of a Last Will and Testament, a Living Will and a Power of Attorney. Contact us today at 412-403-5691 to schedule an appointment.

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation can take place in several different forums, and the Law Office of Casey P. Mullen is equipped to represent clients in all forums. Contact us to schedule a free consultation if you intend to file a civil action at a magisterial district court or in a Court of Common Pleas, or if you have been named a defendant in a civil action. Attorney Casey P. Mullen will meet with you to evaluate your case and determine the most appropriate and best manner in which to proceed.

Personal Injury

Have you been injured in an accident? Were you injured while on the job? Has a loved one been killed in an auto accident? Were you the victim of a defective product? You may be entitled to monetary damages for the pain, suffering and loss you incurred. Let Attorney Casey P. Mullen fight for your legal rights and help you obtain the damages you deserve. Contact our office at 412-403-5691 to schedule a free consultation with Attorney Mullen.