Whether or not you are the one seeking the divorce or a Complaint in Divorce has been filed by your spouse, divorce is highly stressful and impacts many areas of your life. When children are involved divorce often creates more immediate conflicts than resolutions. Receiving the correct information and advice can often minimize the stress and reduce much of the conflict. The Law Office of Casey P. Mullen will ensure that you receive the much needed information and advice. Contact our Pittsburgh Office at 412-403-5691 to schedule a free consultation.

Divorce does not only involve the legal dissolution of a marriage, it also results in the division of assets and debts obtained during and throughout the marriage. In Pennsylvania, the term "equitable distribution" refers to the process of dividing marital assets and debts. If spouses cannot agree on how to divide their property, they may end up in court, where a judge will decide for them. The property is not always divided evenly. The court will view many factors to arrive at an “equitable” distribution of marital assets and debts. It is imperative that one obtain an attorney that understands the law and makes certain that the distribution of marital assets and debts is equitable and just.

If you are contemplating divorce, have filed or have been named a defendant in a divorce action contact us to schedule a free consultation. We will take the time to evaluate your matter and to develop a cost effective plan of action. We will attempt to resolve all matters as amicably as possible, but know that we are ready, able and prepared to fight to protect your rights and assets.